Why You Are Not Losing Weight

You have found the best diet to meet your needs. You have been completing an exercise routine each day. You have developed new and healthier habits. However, your scale has not gone down and you are not sure why. Continue Reading →

06. August 2012 by David C
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Full Body Workouts

941931_55996999 (Large)

Exercises that are designed to utilize the entire body are the most underused workout routines. People that have varying levels of physical fitness are able to utilize full body exercises in one session that is not incredibly difficult, but still effectively builds Continue Reading →

14. July 2012 by David C
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Obtaining a Healthy Heart the Lasts

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Heart disease is an illness that plagues many. The great news is that more than 98 percent of heart diseases are preventable by taking the appropriate steps. These steps do not require drastic changes within your life, just some simple changes to your overall diet and lifestyle. Continue Reading →

21. June 2012 by David C
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